Blockchain Guide and How it Can Assist Your Business Online


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Quick History of the Web

Web 1.0

With the introduction of the Internet, people had the ability to access content asynchronously.

This went beyond the radio/TV technology to a consume when you want model, while still being one-way.

Web 2.0

Along came a two-way read/write web, people could now add to the content online.

The rise of forums and social media platforms brought with it the ability to contribute at scale.

Web 3.0

Now we are entering into a Smart Internet era with the rise of Internet of Things (IOT), machine learning and blockchain technology.

The blockchain in-particular promises – in its 3rd iteration – a distributed smart contract computational layer.

A Video Guide to Blockchain

Learn how you can use blockchain for your business. Although complex, this video requires no technical knowledge to follow along.

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