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Australian Owned & Operated
Serving Australian Businesses
Building the Web Since 2009

Hello & Welcome

My name is Shawn Martino. I'm a dad of 2 girls, and owner of Webfluence. I've been developing for the web since 2009 (10 years experience).

Webfluence is 100% Australian owned & operated. It was started to offer businesses affordable, modern & effective websites.

I know choosing a web expert to help you navigate the seas of the Internet is no easy task. It can consume many hours of your time.

Thankfully, Webfluence is committed to genuinely helping Australian businesses. We offer 3 guarantees on service, function and price.

Let's build something awesome!

Hope to hear from you,

Your Business Comes First

Webfluence is dedicated to helping Australian owned small businesses succeed. We believe small businesses form the lifeblood of our communities.

Outstanding customer service is a core principle you can rely on.

Webfluence can help you manage your online business presence and more:

  • Need to put a system in place for your customers to use on your website?
    We can do it.
  • Need an admin area for your staff to better manage your business?
    Yep, we can do it.
  • Need advice about online marketing for your business?
    We’ll recommended solutions.

Our Mission

Webfluence exists to help your business get the most out of your online presence.

We build, iterate and continue to push your website to its fullest potential with you as the conductor.

Our mission is to offer these services at a perfect balance of premium quality & affordability – giving you the most affordable website service.

Long-Term Commitment

Webfluence was born out of the need that is experienced by most business owners – the need for something more than just the standard, run-of-the-mill “web design” service.

We believe web design should should be an on-going relationship with a commitment to success.

Cutting Edge Websites

With a commitment to using the latest and greatest technology available, we are always researching and learning about emerging technologies in the web industry.

Right now, the WordPress CMS offers a superior ecosystem compared to any other available, and this is why we offer it to our customers – giving you the best value.

Always Moving Forward

Your honest feedback is (and always will be) cherished by our team – we specifically want to hear about the parts of our service that can be improved.

We strive to offer what works for you and your business – creating a win-win solution (non-zero sum).

Made for Business

For a business to be successful and always profitable, it’s of the utmost importance to stay up-to-date with best marketing practices and ways of reaching your market.

Here at Webfluence, we’re here to help you reach your goals and provide tools to help you refine your marketing approach. A clear message stands out from the crowd.

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