25 Ideas for Your Business Website to Disrupt Your Industry


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Whole industries have been disrupted by innovative approaches that merge the offline and online together.

When this new way of doing business is introduced into an industry, and it is superior to the previous model, this change brings a competitive advantage.

The List

Here is a list of 25 ways to disrupt an industry:

  1. Remove Features Making a Simpler Better Product
  2. Create a Full Stack Offering
  3. Make it a Subscription
  4. Use a Transparent Open Model
  5. Make it On-Demand
  6. Bring Rentals to Market at Lower Cost
  7. Bring an Offline Behaviour Online
  8. Aggregate the Long Tail & Drive Discovery
  9. Create a Marketplace
  10. Streamline a Process with Technology
  11. Make a Paid Product Free or Very Cheap
  12. Build a Vertical Brand
  13. Produce Original and Exclusive Content
  14. Enable Easier Creation
  15. Build an AR/VR App
  16. Apply Blockchain Technology
  17. Use AI/Machine-Learning to Create a Unique Product
  18. Offer a Management Service
  19. Build a Trusted Widget / API
  20. Build a User Generated Content Community
  21. Build Hardware that Unlocks New Use Cases
  22. Make it Peer to Peer
  23. Make it a Service
  24. Provide Superior Customer Service
  25. Make Stupid Objects Smart

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